The Battle of Lake Erie 2017

To commemorate the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie we had Sea Scout Ship 41 take on the Explorer Club 360.  the battle was followed by a fun family picnic at Lorain Sailing & Yacht Club.

Surprise visit from the Bay Village Police.

On our regular sailing and boating night at Bay Boat Club we were surprised by a visit from the local police. Sgt. Gillespie was king enough to visit with us and share his thoughts on boating safety.  He took the photo and posted a nice write up on their Facebook page.

Sgt. Gillespie and Off. Chase with the Bay Village Police Dept. stop in at Bay Boat Club.

Sea Scouts win eCyberMission State Championship.

The U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) has announced 9th graders, Khaled Hamil, Leo Cavalier and Nick LaRossa, Alpha Team, as 1ST place Ohio State winners and regional finalists in the 15th annual eCYBERMISSION competition – a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)initiative sponsored by the U.S. Army Educational Outreach Program. eCYBERMISSION, administered by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), promotes self-discovery and enables students to recognize the real-life applications of STEM

Sea Scouts analysing Cahoon Creek water.

.Last winter Alpha Team worked to evaluate the environmental status of Creek Cahoon. The team looked at the nitrogen and phosphorus chemicals in the creek soil and water, and determined the canopy cover along its length. Further details can be found in the Westlake/Bay Village Observer.

Explorer Club 360

We have joined forces with the Marine Environmental Explorer Club 360. Club 360 is a group of middle school students who have a concern for their aquatic environment, do environmental studies and love boating. They are the 2017 Boat US Youth safe boating Award winners. For more information please contact

Explorer Club 360 officers with trophy and check for $2,500.00

The “Impossible Dream”

The scouts are now running in second place in the Boat US life jacket design competition. Only one day left and we need about 800 votes to make first – your vote will count. It’s an “Impossible Dream”?

Vote Richard G. at

Sea Scouts aware cold water can be deadly.

The Sea Scouts watched “Cold Water Boot Camp” DVD and learned how dangerous it is to be in the water when its temperature is only in the 40’s.


 With air temperatures soaring into the 80’s it is very tempting to get the boats out and go sailing but we now know better.

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A link to the National Center for Cold Water Safety is here .

Bay Sea Scouts STEM Project A Simple Electric Motor

This past meeting the Sea Scouts were challenged to build an electric motor using a length of copper wire, a magnet and a AA battery. Very simple but it did demonstrate the electro-magnetic forces present to produce movement of the wire (armature).

The components for the simplest of electric motors to demonstrate electro-magnetic forces.

The components for the simplest of electric motors to demonstrate electro-magnetic forces present in more complicated motors.

It really worked, the trick was balancing the CU wire on the positive terminal of the battery.

Instagram     Check out the Bay Sea Scout Instagram page to see the motor in action.  Please become a follower to while you are there. We have a lot more up our sleeve.

Transition into spring.

As the ice on Lake Erie melts and is broken up by spring storms we are transitioning back into our STEM adventure of exploring electricity and wind turbines at our regular Tuesday meetings.

Wave action Breaks up Ice On Lake Erie.  This link will take you to a short video of the wave action breaking up the ice. You can imagine how powerful the waves are.

Bay Sea Scouts See Signs of Spring.

Spring officially started a couple of days ago but in Bay Village we know it is on the way because; the turkey vultures have arrived. A whole “kettle” of them fly up and down the shoreline searching for carrion.

First buzzards of the year scouring the ice on Lake Erie for dead fish.

First buzzards of the year scouring the ice on Lake Erie for dead fish.

The first ore boat of the 2014 shipping season has been sited off the shores of Bay Village. With the Lake Erie over 95% covered in ice it has been a difficult season for the shipping industry. A busy one for the USCG ice breakers.

First ore boat of 2014