Freezing Temperatures Thickens Lake Erie Ice for Sea Scouts DN Boat.


It’s been a while since this blog was updated, so here goes, a quick synopsis.

The scouts spent the fall renovating an old Detroit News (DN) iceboat and had it ready to go before it really became cold.

Then the really cold weather came but with it the snow. The lakes and bays froze but were covered in snow mounds which made it impossible to iceboat.  For more information:

Sea Scouts have refurbished boat  and it's ready to sail.

Sea Scouts have refurbished boat and it’s ready to go sailing.

Unfortunately iceboats don't go to well in the snow.
Unfortunately iceboats don’t go to well in the snow.


DN Ice Boat purchased by Sea Scout Ship 41

The Bay Village Sea Scouts latest move was to purchase a DN Ice Boat through Craig’s List.  It will need some work to make it ready for the ice but the scouts are excited and willing to put forth the effort needed. We are all looking forward to sailing on the ice at Chippewa Lake this winter. Maybe we can go to BSA Greater Cleveland Council Boy Scout camp to sail?

Scouts purchase Ice Boat

A well worn boat that has not seen the ice for many years that the Sea Scouts will renovate.