Sea Scouts work to resharpen DN Ice Boat Runners

Rusted screws and broken heads made for hard work as the steel runner blades were removed from their oak bases. The runners are a critical component of the Sea Scout DN 1228   recently purchased by Sea Scout Ship Intrepid (41).

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Sea Scouts prepare their DN Ice Boat for winter.

Sea Scout Nate has stripped the hardware off DN 1228 and has sanded the wooden hull. Nate is planning to put a protective layer of fiberglass over the hull using the West Marine West System epoxy resin and hardener.

Stripped of it's hardward the ice boat was sanded and is shown in the picture getting fiber glass skin.

Stripped of it’s hardward the ice boat was sanded and is shown in the picture getting fiberglass skin.

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Nate was careful to ensure that all air pockets were removed before the hardener set up.

Sea Scout Nate Cullinan at work.

Below is a photo of the West System the Sea Scouts used to epoxy the fiberglass.

West System Resin and Hardener


DN Ice Boat purchased by Sea Scout Ship 41

The Bay Village Sea Scouts latest move was to purchase a DN Ice Boat through Craig’s List.  It will need some work to make it ready for the ice but the scouts are excited and willing to put forth the effort needed. We are all looking forward to sailing on the ice at Chippewa Lake this winter. Maybe we can go to BSA Greater Cleveland Council Boy Scout camp to sail?

Scouts purchase Ice Boat

A well worn boat that has not seen the ice for many years that the Sea Scouts will renovate.