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Congratulations to 2015 Bay High graduate, Nathan Cullinan, on receiving the Quartermaster Award, the highest rank in Sea Scouts. The award was presented to Nate after he sat through a Board of Review composed of four scout leaders with over a hundred years’ experience. Nate was quizzed on his leadership skills and the lessons learned during his tenure in Sea Scouts. The board was particularly challenging as it was chaired by Mark Bobal, a retired U.S. Coast Guard Commander.

Mr. Bobal, who presently serves as the Passenger Vessel Safety Specialist for the 9th Coast Guard District stated that, “Nate was ready for all the questions we could send his way.” The nautical questions which Mr. Bobal asked stemmed from his service on board the Arctic Icebreaker, CGC Westwind and over 30 years in the Marine Safety Inspection field.

Nate has been involved in the Bay Seat Scouts for five years. In that time he has tackled many projects including leading a group of youth in building underwater remote operated vessels (ROVs) for competitions sponsored by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center. He also oversaw the completion of the Rolling Tide, a floating 8-foot hamster wheel, made from recycled Tide bottles. The Sea Scouts entered the Rolling Tide in the Great Lake Erie Boat Float at Edgewater Park.

Last year Nate competed in the International Koch Cup Regatta in Long Beach, California, sailing with over 80 Sea Scouts from countries ranging from Australia to Poland. Nate came in second in the Kiwi Division. Before Nate heads off to college at the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) in Bristol, Rhode Island, he will sail on the tall ship, S/V Dennis Sullivan, as a chaperon for other students.  This tall ship program is sponsored by the Cleveland Rotary project YESS program.

Nate’s leadership and mechanical skills repairing engines and rigging on the Sea Scout boats will be sorely missed as he heads off to IYRS; but we wish him well as he continues his studies in Composite Technology and Marine Systems.

The “Impossible Dream”

The scouts are now running in second place in the Boat US life jacket design competition. Only one day left and we need about 800 votes to make first – your vote will count. It’s an “Impossible Dream”?

Vote Richard G. at http://www.boatus.org/design/vote/

Vote, Vote, Vote, your help is needed

A quick update. You may now vote for the Sea Scout entry in the Boat US life jacket design competition. Help the scouts move ahead with your vote, go to
http://www.boatus.org/design/vote and look for Richard G. and the Sea Scout Ship 41 entry. Thanks in advance, Skipper.

1-Life Jacket


Selected as a finalist out of 250 submissions.

Sea Scouts aware cold water can be deadly.

The Sea Scouts watched “Cold Water Boot Camp” DVD and learned how dangerous it is to be in the water when its temperature is only in the 40’s.


 With air temperatures soaring into the 80’s it is very tempting to get the boats out and go sailing but we now know better.

1-Tuesday, 5132014


A link to the National Center for Cold Water Safety is here .

Social Networks: How Many Is Too Many?

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Bay Sea Scouts STEM Project A Simple Electric Motor

This past meeting the Sea Scouts were challenged to build an electric motor using a length of copper wire, a magnet and a AA battery. Very simple but it did demonstrate the electro-magnetic forces present to produce movement of the wire (armature).

The components for the simplest of electric motors to demonstrate electro-magnetic forces.

The components for the simplest of electric motors to demonstrate electro-magnetic forces present in more complicated motors.

It really worked, the trick was balancing the CU wire on the positive terminal of the battery.

Instagram     Check out the Bay Sea Scout Instagram page to see the motor in action.  Please become a follower to while you are there. We have a lot more up our sleeve.

Transition into spring.

As the ice on Lake Erie melts and is broken up by spring storms we are transitioning back into our STEM adventure of exploring electricity and wind turbines at our regular Tuesday meetings.

Wave action Breaks up Ice On Lake Erie.

 http://www.tumblr.com/blog/bayseascouts  This link will take you to a short video of the wave action breaking up the ice. You can imagine how powerful the waves are.